Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Joint is...

...a place I found, where you’d least expect to eat great food… a “Juke Joint”!  I’m referring  to B.B. King’s on Beale St., in Memphis, Tennessee. “Oh me, oh my”, the rib tips at that “joint”, like to sent me home crying, they were so good! Funny thing is, we went to some of the “famed” rib places, on and off Beale St., and none of them matched up to the flavor we encountered at  B.B. King’s. Whoever is working in that kitchen is “cooking up a storm” back there. And the food’s not the only thing cooking! Whether you’re a “Blues” fan (the music the place is noted for) or not, the house band at B.B. King’s was on fire! Well worth my money ( and yours too!). When in Memphis, check out B.B. King’s!

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