Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Joint is...

...a place I found, where you’d least expect to eat great food… a “Juke Joint”!  I’m referring  to B.B. King’s on Beale St., in Memphis, Tennessee. “Oh me, oh my”, the rib tips at that “joint”, like to sent me home crying, they were so good! Funny thing is, we went to some of the “famed” rib places, on and off Beale St., and none of them matched up to the flavor we encountered at  B.B. King’s. Whoever is working in that kitchen is “cooking up a storm” back there. And the food’s not the only thing cooking! Whether you’re a “Blues” fan (the music the place is noted for) or not, the house band at B.B. King’s was on fire! Well worth my money ( and yours too!). When in Memphis, check out B.B. King’s!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Joint is...

…a host of pizza "Joints" in a town, that knows it’s pizza, Chicago, Illinois. I’m originally from Chicago; and I admit, I’m a little bias. But hear me when I say, Chicago and Pizza are Synonymous terms! There are many great restaurants in Chicago; but the pizza is the best reason to go! 
My pizza thoughts are ones of constant dilemma; which restaurant do I go to! It’s safest to say, I’ll go to the one, that I’m closest to at the time. For example; if I’m in the “Hyde Park” area of Chicago’s near south side; it’s Giordano’s. This is one of the best places to get a truly scrumptious, stuffed or deep dish pizza!  If I’m on the near north side, I’m looking to carve my name on to one of the wooden booths, at this next joint,  then sink my teeth into one of their  meaty, and flavorful, pan pizza that you can only get from Geno’s East. Not far from Downtown Chicago’s ‘Miracle Mile” is the famous Lou Malnati’s. Even though the wife and I grew up in Chicago, we knew there were a lot of places, we’d never seen. So, one weekend we decided to drive to Chicago (...from "Indianapolis"), and take a trolley ride, around the city. We had heard of Lou Malnati’s, but had never been there. Well, we didn’t know what we were missing! Best deep dish pizza I’ve ever had.
So if you're ever in "Chicago", and are looking for great pizza, don't worry, there's good pizza everywhere! Oh, another great place is Rosati's. Bon Appetite!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

This Joint is...

…a place that made my mouth water, with it's barbeque ribs, fried chicken and cornbread. All these great eats came from Jack Daniel’s restaurant at the “Gaylord Opryland Resort” in Nashville, Tennessee. I consider myself a bit of a “foodie”, growing up in Chicago, (which is like  “Food Mecca”), and traveling throughout the country, I’ve tasted some incredible food (and some not so credible). I must say, this Jack Daniel’s place really impressed me. Like most restaurants, you don’t know what to expect. Sure, you can check some reviews, or  listen to “word of mouth” from friends and other folks; but you’ll never  really know until you go there. So here’s me, trying to get you to “go there”’ and treat yourself! Not only is the food exceptional, the service is stellar (I’ve been twice; and I don’t even live in Tennessee). There’s even musical entertainment, that just adds to this “diamond in the ruff’s” casual atmosphere and rustic d├ęcor.
Check out their menu and search for the following items:
ST. LOUIS SPARE RIBS. The meat literally falls of the bone. And the sauce (made with, of course, “Jack Daniel’s whiskey) is a flavorful, explosion in your mouth!
LIMITED EDITION FRIED CHICKEN. First of all, they only fry the chicken once a day. It’s crispy and golden brown. My “taste buds” describe it as “Tasty, Tasty, Tasty”! And the servers will tell you right upfront “When it’s gone, it’s gone”…and let me tell you, it goes quickly!
CHEDDAR CORN BREAD. Being honest, I really like cornbread. The cornbread at Jack Daniel’s was so good, and they give you so much, that I could have  easily eaten it as a meal! Their cornbread was a savory, sweet masterpiece. I loved it! So check it out!

Monday, December 17, 2012

This Joint is…
…one of the best delis you’ll ever find, “Shapiro’s Deli” in Carmel, Indiana. Sometimes a city can be defined by the “sum of its parts”, and thanks to Shapiro’s Deli , the city of “Carmel” doesn’t have anything to worry about! Carmel is located just northwest of Indianapolis. When you visit “Indy”, you hear more about its sports teams, and special events, than you hear about the cuisine. But in the case of Shapiro’s Deli , you’ll want to hear more, and have the opportunity to experience it’s delicious offerings.
My wife especially likes their Corned Beef and Roast Beef on rye sandwiches. She also enjoys their desserts! Her favorite is the Black Forrest Cake. As for me, I can’t wait to get my hands around their plentiful Pastrami on a toasted onion role, or their Chicken Salad on a croissant . My dessert of choice is their Carrot Cake / Cheese Cake Combo……it makes me hungry just thinking about it! And the people who work there are really nice, and the service just as nice; it’s definitely a culinary find!

After you "check out the joint"... let us know what you think!

[Update...Shapiro's is no longer in Carmel, Indiana. But they are thriving in Indianapolis!]